Halorganics Brown packaging
Halorganics Golden packaging
Halorganics Orange Packaging
Halorganics Blue Packaging
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Halorganics is a company based in the heart of LA. They stand for sustainability and trying to create an organic story concerning their new product. Organic powder. The organic powder is a new concept that we have not seen yet. With the product being completely vegan, there are a lot of possibilities in the current market. Eace was able to design every element of Halorganics branding. We got the chance to create the logo design, packaging design, website design and are entirely in charge of the social media platforms.

A fresh and organic product from Los Angeles

The packaging of a product proclaims what you as a company stand for. That is why every detail matters. Every product has a colour design that fits its flavour. We’ve meticulously studied the ingredients and matched this information with the correct colours.

Halorganics packaging design

It’s own fresh & organic identity.

Halorganics Webdesign
Holorganics Logo design

E-Commerce platform

& product in synergy.

A web design that compliments the product and makes it feel like one. The smoothness of the website makes the product stand out. In this situation, less is more, really paid off.

Halorganics Homepage design
Halorganics Blog Design

Integrated blog with recipes & news.

Custom created content to connect with your customers and create more trafic on your website and social channels.

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