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Stories are an essential part of our lives. A website tells your story and creates empathy between the brand and the customers. There are different ways to tell your story on the web. E-commerce, Business, Entertainment, Portfolio, Media, and Educational websites in various kinds of designs. These designs will affect the experience of the customer; that’s why we’d like to sit down and understand your company worths, values, and goals before starting the design.

Siempreweddings - UX/UI/WEB

Organic search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to get higher in the results of search engines such as Google and Bing. An time consuming investment with a high ROI in which content, technology and links play an important role.

halorganics - UX/UI/WEB
Analytics - UX/UI/WEB
Google Analytics - Conversions

Track & learn

Collect unique data from your visitors, use this data to learn and improve your business. Track their behaviour on the website and follow the steps they make. Tracking your visitor’s behaviour plays a crucial role in the success of your business.

What  does it mean to have your website designed by eace.

Having your website designed and built by eace will make you stand out in the crowd. Not one website we made looks the same and that is because of one reason. We work very personal with our customers. And just like the websites, not one of our customer is the same.

Every little detail has been thought off.

When we design and develop a brand new website we make sure that we focus on every detail. We strive for perfection. If the website is not perfect, we did not make it.

For the perfect web design, we have to know the company’s vision. This is why we will sit together so we know for a fact that we can create your perfect website. When we know the vision of the company we will start to create the magic.
Optimized Seo
While we design a brand new WordPress website we will always make sure the SEO as optimized as possible. What is the point of having a website if people are not able to find it?
When we finished the homepage and everything is even better than you would’ve thought. We implement the design in to the whole website. We will add a contact form, make the website mobile friendly, your website will be AVG proof and we make sure all your social platforms are connected.
On page analytics
When you just got a brand new website you want to know if people like it right? When the website is done we will install google analytics in the code of your website. From now one nothing on your website will go by unnoticed.

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